Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rota virus

What is Rota virus?

There are several scattered around the various kinds of disease germs. Whenever they infect us with the opportunity to create a variety of diseases. Rota virus, nor the bad bacteria that like to see the wheels. This is one of the deadly virus, which causes diarrhea, diarrhea rotabhairala known. The rotabhairala diarrhea in children, especially the greatest threat to the life of the fetus.

Rota virus bhayabahata

Rotabhairala diarrhea all over the world due to the death of more than 6 million and going. Every year, millions of children in grades 4, Rota virus-induced paripakatantrera pradahe enjoy. More than 3 million children are infected with the deadly infection, in which many children have died.

How are?

Khadyanalite Rota virus enters through the mouth gahabara. This virus has spread around the body and one from the anyajanera entered. Infected water, food, toys and even furniture from a variety of diseases can spread germs. Rota virus is the sankramana a response within 48 hours, from 8 starts.

What is / signs

It starts vomiting, diarrhea like water, then slowly. Acute diarrhea in a very short time and the size of the void that was so, because life - death can occur. In addition, there may be fever and abdominal pain. Diarrhea can have up to 7 days.


To fill panisunyata frequent meals should be fed saline. If a child panisunyata and saline at a hospital or clinic would not eat at a sirapathe panisunyata must meet with saline.


Rota viral diarrhea can be taken two ways to get rid of.

    First, clean life, all the things that the children are always kept clean. All the toys that children play with it and keep your hands clean, even when the food is always kept clean. All children 6 months to wait until the mother's breast.
    Second, children rotabhairasera vaccination. Rota as the antidote to the virus found in the vaccine.

Why is this vaccine?

Studies to improve the livelihood of the many cases of this disease can not be prevented. In addition, the value of 6 months from the young children are most likely to be infected. The children in this age group treated with saline rotabhairala diarrhea in the face of very difficult issues. In most cases sirapathe panisunyata with saline to fill. So there is no alternative to this vaccine.

When should vaccination?

Rota virus vaccine should be given between six months and a half months. This vaccine is fed up. After the first dose, the second dose should be at least 1 month after. Rota virus vaccine if this is due to the diarrhea. Children will be saved from death due to diarrhea induced rotabhairasa. So protect the lives of the children in their care, as well as time to get salvation from Rota virus diarrhea vaccine in children with diarrhea from the editors....
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