Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cancer is not contagious in any way

The multicellular animals. Ansakhya human cells are made of. Each cell has a defined lifetime. This is offset by the loss of cell divisions to take over the body creates new cells. But if it is the body of flesh aniyantritabhabe skills

It is a wheel. This is known as a tumor. In many cases the tumor is benign. I have a lump, it's 'benaina tumors' (Benign tumour) is known. Tiumaragulo benign tumors and malignant (Malignant tumour) or cancer known. Different areas of the body through the blood or lymphatic spread, it may be called premature death.

Cancer is not contagious in any way, it is not an infection from the arekajane.


The way of living, environment, diet, geographic location, age, pedigree, and contributes to the creation of the cancer. Cancer is not usually by bacteria, but in some cases, microbial effects paripakatantrera kyansarasaha the creation of cancer.

Various types of cancer:

00 different types of cancer have been detected so far. Type of treatment of various types of cancer. Skin, bone, asthimajja, presteta, breast, uterus, voice, liver, lungs, and can lead to organ cancer. All young women - puruserai cancer can be. However, some cancers are of a particular age.

Symptoms: The symptoms are the different types of cancer. Some of the common symptoms;

    Feeling very tired
    Decreased appetite
    Konajayagaya wheel or aggregates in the body that are
    Chronic cough or sore throat or broken
    Have metabolic problems
    Change malatyage come (diarrhea, constipation, or blood in the stools)
    Fever, cold night, or go to gheme
    Abnormal Weight reduction
    Abnormal bleeding
    Changes in the skin
    Sarache not easily hurt
    Difficulty in swallowing
    Obvious change in wart or mole

The meaning of these symptoms are not cancer. If these symptoms need to be an expert cikitsakake.
 Cancer prevention diet:

    Vitamin A-rich foods such as colorful vegetables, fruits, contributes to cancer prevention.
    Seeds or roots, such as dried peas, peasecod, sasyajata food, potato, these foods prevent cancer. Besides vegetables, fruits and more sasyajata food should be eaten.
    Cabbage, olakapi, turnip, etc. paripakatantrera prevent cancer.
    Entiaksidenta-rich diet prevents cancer creation. Vitamin C and vitamin E entiaksidenta. The vitamin C-rich foods, such as guava, amalaki, grapefruit, vegetable oil, vitamin E-rich foods, sasyajata foods, eggs, etc., are beneficial for cancer prevention.
    Fatty meat, ghee, butter, soybean oil instead of banaspati reduce the risk of cancer.
    So it should not be to eliminate cancer as a cause of artificial colors.
    Mukhagahbarera cancer avoid tobacco, drink - betel nut, etc., should be removed.

Cancer treatment

If the cancer is caught at an early stage treatment is worth it. The parts of the body from cancer, diagnosed cancer tissue are removed through surgery. However, this treatment can only be given early.


Can destroy the cancer cells in the body of radioactive rasni, this religion is not to be used here.


Now, some of the anti-cancer drugs out. Which of these is given in the form of tablets or capsules, or directly with the syalainera which is injected in the blood. Drugs to destroy cancer cells. However, these drugs have some side effects.

In addition, hormone therapy, and the patient recovered mentally for a variety of measures can be taken....
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