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Afsana Ara Bindu Biography With Picture

Afsana Ara Bindu
Afsana Ara Bindu

Full Name: Afsan Ara Bindu
Date of Birth: 14th January.
Home Town: Jhenaidah
Marital Status: Single
Beginning of career: Bindu was 1st runner up of LUX CHANNEL I SUPER STAR 2006. She got nominated in primary selection of MERIL PROTHOM ALO AWARD SHOW for her very 1st film DARUCHINI DEEP. Got super-fame after her 1st music vdo, TUMI BORUNA HOLE (mahadi).

Significant works:
1st Ad: Close up (mostofa sarwar faruqi)
1st Music Video: tumi boruna hole (mahadi)

Favourite Actor: Asaduzzaman Noor, Afzal Hossain, Salman Shah
Favourite Actress: Shabnur, Shomi Kaiser
Favourite Color: Blue
Favourite Food: Jilapi

Height: 5' 4
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Figure: 34-28-36

Biography: Despite her short innings in the media, Bindu has carved a niche for herself in this highly competitive field. The story dates back to her success in the Lux-Channel i Superstar talent hunt. Soon after this she landed a role in Tauquir Ahmed's “Daruchini Dwip”. Although her role was brief in the film, her performance was greatly appreciated. This was a big boost to Bindu's confidence, which she projected in performances in “Jaago” and “Piriter Agun Jole Digun”. Bindu's latest film “Ei Toh Prem” awaits release. In the Sohel Arman directed movie, Bindu stars opposite famed moviestar Shakib Khan. A song from the film, sung by Habib and Nancy, “Ami Tomar Mon-er Bhetor Ekbar Ghure Ashtey Chai”, is already a superhit. Bindu says her close friends sing the song to her whenever they meet, much to her delight. In “Ei Toh Prem”, the actress plays the role of Madhobi -- daughter of a rural temple priest who  
Afsana Ara Bindu

loves to dance. The character played by Shakib falls for the village belle, which leads to a conflict between families. Eighty percent of work on the film is already done, Bindu says, expressing her optimism about the movie being well received by the audience. Bindu also cherishes the hope of acting in a Liberation War-themed movie. Bindu has not lagged behind in the TV media as well. The lead role in the ATN Bangla serial, “Lilaboti”, has brought her much fame. Some of the other serials featuring her currently being aired are “Patigonit”, “Dhupchhaya” and “Rupnogorer Konya”. Bindu says she wants to make a permanent place in the hearts of the audience, and the only route is cinema. Though she admits that she has not received formal training in dance or acting, she is determined to forge ahead. Asked what her ambition was as a child, Bindu says at one stage she wanted to sell peanuts on the streets, shouting “Badaam, badaam,” and had many other crazy ideas when she was a kid. Last Eid, the TV audience enjoyed several of Bindu's works including Himel Ashraf's “Premer Naam Bedona”, Lutfun Nahar Moushumi's “Chhoto Bela”, Mohon Khan's “Patro Chai Na”, Iftekhar Ahmed Fahmi's “Breaking News” and Shejuti Nasir's “Prothom Dekha”. Bindu asserts that she has a packed schedule ahead. Talks are also underway for a role in Anurag Basu's forthcoming film.

Afsana ara Bindu‘s birthday: 14th January. Bindu is a traditional Bangladeshi beauty. She is a student of Business Administration (BBA) at the Jahangirnagar University. She entertains the ambition of joining the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS). She also plans to go in for modeling and acting.

Afsana Ara Bindu Starting her journey on the glamour-laden track to stardom through Lux-Channel i Superstar 2006 — where she secured the first runners up position, Afsana Ara Bindu has won the hearts of many within a brief period. After making a breakthrough, as a model and an actress on both big and small screen, Bindu has decided to concentrate on the silver screen. The ingĂ©nue is poised to emerge as a professional actress in Dhallywood movies.

Bindu has signed on for the feature film “Peeriter Dokandari.” However, this is not her first venture in films; her previous films being “Daruchini Dwip” (2007), and “Jaago,” which is yet to be released.
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