Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some wrong thinking about Heart health

At the heart of what we hear. It is not our idea. What is the truth? Janarabe have a lot of mistakes, it is our belief that suffer.

For example, classical Chinese treatment is having more than estragelasa hudicakitsaya centuries for centuries. The main function of the body's defense system to be motivated. The use of heart disease. The incidence of heart disease if you do not have to prove that it is.

There is no lack of hartake mythical. For example, blood pressure or cholesterol levels in the blood rise to the uthale bujhaba itself. Not exactly. Blood pressure or cholesterol is not mapale mapale it is almost impossible to understand. Hazards often silent danger, and so is the associated symptoms. Hypertension is diagnosed when he was diagnosed with a kidney problem that is out of whack, then it is difficult to be treated. In advance of treatment, the organs survive the crash. It would be difficult to refute the kidney or the heart out of it. What about cholesterol umcumana - e. Thin - thin body, good structure, they may have blood cholesterol levels high. The mythical talk. Hudaroga women - Men are the same for everyone. But it is not. Of different effects.
Such symptoms.

Classical symptoms of a heart attack, a hand down his chest, the chest was crushed. '- There are many symptoms that may not be, especially girls. 003 Journal of the circulation in the heart of the famous - the beriyechila a research article. 515 women whose average age is 66, but symptoms can test the researchers found that the symptoms of a heart attack. After about a month before the attack, 70 percent of women had abnormal klantibodha, 50 percent of women feel weakness, shortness of breath or trouble sleeping. And while 43 percent of heart attack is chest pain that. Nausea or indigestion was someone anyone. Men may be out of the ordinary symptoms that. However, the more girls. Symptoms in older women like men - the bukabyatha. What was that? All katii unusual symptoms that are also signs of a heart attack. However, if you are at risk, you need to be noticed more.

No symptoms, changes in symptoms - that is. It is myth: young low risk of heart attack. Mairesa said, 'The biggest myth is that women feel they have a very low risk of a heart attack. The idea, the old men and women of the disease. The 40 or 50 years of age, that these women think they jhumkimukta., I do not have the statistics, but the number one killer of American women, heart disease. He died in the year 60 million women. Heart disease in women more than men in the sate pancase. The causal relationship is not clear, but it is istrojenera role. Hudaroga myth that if there is going to be a very dangerous exercise. Word is true. People are quick to go back to Bihar after coronary attack, there is no need rehabilitation after the saptara career.
Rita ridabarga professor at the University of California in progress slathagati cardiovascular exercises are: heart disease, and who have their first heart attack or prevent heart attack is re-re. Rita ridabargera advice: start with the first day of the 10 minutes of exercise and 10 minutes of exercise per week increased - the day of the week in the middle adhaghanta exercise. Doctors give advice byaktibhede.
The idea, the better for the heart ayasapirina and omega -3 medamla.
Thekaya heart disease. It's true, I have. Redabarga advised, if you do not have any restrictions for men, but women 65 to 50 years of age for the prevention of ayasapirina can be given. Ayasapirina enjoying it leads to stomach problems, there may be allergies. Supplements and drugs like each other - evil. Jackson said, in the heart ayasapirina well-being of the dangers of the Pill in the lining of the stomach bleeding a lot. Those people with heart problems already and want to prevent another attack, for their omega -3 fat - acid may be beneficial. American Heart Association recommends: carbibahula days a week for at least 3 grams of fish eaten, or as a daily supplement of omega -3 medamla. However, if high risk. Taking the advice of a good doctor. The idea is that, once you have heart disease, and some can not. Word is true. Researchers saw, in many cases, ksatike khandano, you need to change the living conditions.
Exercise, fruits, sakasabajisamrddha to eat, avoid processed foods, do not smoke, the smoke from people smoking next to defend himself - quite effective in preventing the disease changes. Mairesa said, it is not too late to change it, change the lives of very big role to prevent heart disease. Is more effective in controlling hazards....
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