Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Bangladeshi Bangla Film The Director Latest News,Picture And Photo Gallery

Bangla Film The Director popy sexy body and navel
Sensor-board closed New Bangla movie The Director .This is a totally social history film on condition of Bangladesh.This about a couple history.The history of this film are director Roton making a film about the problem of director couple.His wife Hena's job location in Rongpur.She live with her little daughter Adrita.They come to Dhaka whenever they get free from work.Roton come back to home at late night.He is getting sleep very quickly because of his tiredness.Because of that Hena could making time to talk with her husband for a moment after coming in Dhaka in long time.

Bangla Film The Director popy sexy picture
Roton also doesn't have to time to talk.Whenever he gets time he is busy with his daughter.Also wherever he is in shooting spot he is too busy with film actress Faria.For the problem he is making a film that problem hell the life of Adrita and her mother.Then......?Then what......?

Bangla Film The Director Kochi Khandokar
Who is this Kamu?He is very mysterious man! Director Marjuk Rasel get remaining work of the fime by Kamu.Marjuk cast Popi as new actress. Then start a new fantasy in Marjuk-Popi.But why Kamu's girl frinds Chaiti make phone call to Marjuk...... There are so mystery......The story going like this.

Bangla Film The Director
Bangla Film The Director popy sexy dance

Bangla Film The Director popy and marjuk rasel 

There are a headline in the news paper that the film's work are unfinished.The director are vanished with film actress.The producer are reckless with the news.The story is going in another way of the film twist.The producer Kochi Kondoker make a phone call to Kamranuzzaman Kamu.

Bangla Film The Director
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