Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Interview With Most Popular Tv Drama Actress Ritchie Solaiman

richi12 598x380 The many avatars of Ritchie Solaiman Most Popular Tv Drama Actress Ritchie Solaiman
TV actress Ritchie Solaiman is also a popular model. In recent times the talented artiste has been under the spotlight for her noteworthy work in a new TV commercial, along with her performance as Dipaboli in “Saatkahon”. The Daily Star (TDS) recently caught up with the actress. Excerpts from the interview:
Some of your new TV commercials have hit the airwaves in recent times.
Ritchie: Yes. I worked in several TVCs, along with my regular acting projects. Among the new commercials, people are talking about the Robi advertisement. I’m getting plenty of positive feedback for this work. I want to keep on working in projects that carry strong messages.
Desh TV is also airing “Saatkahon”, in which you appear.
Ritchie: “Saatkahon” is a TV adaptation of Samaresh Majumdar’s popular novel of the same name. It is considered a classic in West Bengal and Bangladesh. Dipaboli, whom I play, is also a great role. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback for my work.

Could you share more on the role?
Ritchie: It has been a great experience. Dipaboli, who is from a village, eventually comes to the city to study. Women have to struggle at every step of the way. Dipaboli is a successful reflection of those struggles.
You also did a dance performance after a long hiatus?
Ritchie: I danced on stage after a 10-year break for a programme on Asian TV. I last danced in 2003. Before that, I used to dance regularly.
You also judged a dance competition?
Ritchie: I’m a judge on Asian TV’s “Star Dance” show. The interesting thing about this show is that all the performers are stars themselves. Many of them are trained in dancing. Overall, it feels great to be part of the show.
What about films?
Ritchie: I’m working on a film by Shahnewaz Kakoli, titled “Nirob Prem”. I’m acting opposite Nirob. I’m doing the film because the director is a very close friend. Besides, it has a great storyline.
What else keeps you busy?
Ritchie: I’m busy with dramas. I’m working on “Idiots”, a serial by Muhammad Mostofa Kamal Raj, being aired by Channel 9. Ntv is also airing Himel Ashraf’s “Chowdhury Villa”, while Asian TV is telecasting “Bishakha”, directed by Rulin Rahman. Besides these serials, I’m also working on some one-hour dramas.
What about producing TV plays?
Ritchie: I produce dramas. Whenever I get a good story, I feel inclined to adapt it into a TV play.
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