Monday, September 9, 2013


1 . The exception was the family 's favorite man of the house does not come back after the specified period , the communication is not something you are worried for the sbajanera , are concerned . An operation tomorrow I will be in your own body - would you be afraid , it's normal . Any kind of physical - emotional - social threat , danger or anakanksita get the glimpse we got satarkita it for the body and mind to deal with the effects of these emotions are fear (Fear). Imminent danger of physical or humakike caused alarm because it is not a disease but is made ​​without fear or worry or anxiety in medical haoyatai Anxiety. Growing concerned and not due to any physical abnormalities .
The . Anxiety anxiety or unusual in the way that might be duirakama - The first concerned the accuracy of any reason ( no imminent danger or risk of loss ) , even if it is fictional , it became bhitigrastha speeds . The school had just lost his son sitting at the gate of the school or the sweat from his son in the case is finished off by a school or university in the area , I found the picture of the snake snake kalabaganera apartment in the wind , etc. are . But there is no reason to fear but fear getting the proper amount of anxiously unusually high expression levels, ie , the proportion is much higher than scary whatever reason . As children return home from school one hour past the scheduled time - it may be unusual utkanthaya mother went off , and saw the news matajhile car being vandalized , phutache bombs are out of the home at the time of your loved ones - However , he did not have to learn where speeds are is concerned , the current head of the neighborhood gheme neye cry . Bhede source of anxiety and two kinds - one , the material / sthanagata (Objective or Situational) - lizard or cockroach found in the fear of missing the boat carate fear , I do not dare to go anywhere . The variable anxiety (Free floating anxiety) - One of the things I was concerned , I did not think I heard that heart attack is chest pain , and heart attacks , and those who fear the utkanthaya adhamara children go to school , the thief kalapasibala four storey sandstone house for fear of his eight gate does not sleep at night .

3 . Anxiety in our mind is already made ​​. Due to the complex psychological snayobika anxiously emergence , Sigmund Freud 's subconscious mind to overcome the desire to have the consciousness of knowing that when you are creating a mental conflict , and this conflict can express anxiety . Anxiety anxiety or mainly of three kinds of psychological terminology .
· Jenarelaijada enjaiti disorder - seeks infected person are almost always concerned about everything , moving anxiously example, we got to see .
· Phobika enjaiti disorder - specific objects , organisms , the environment , the situation facing utkanthaya be affected . For example, many people are concerned that bhire (Agoraphobia), so the crowd to keep them in place . In the case of an infected person or object concerned is not the case .
· Panic disorder - without being faced with an object or situation that sometimes your imagination prasuta be concerned , as the night there , but tonight was a heart attack if I did bhebei nirghuma overnight . We are concerned at least as portrayed in any civil or does not exist .
4 . It may be the symptoms anxiously -
· Fear of being grastha
· Irritable mood
· The word dither
· Unrest
· The lack of attention
· The wrong way to think
· Mouth - the tongue dry and thirsty in water
· Be difficult to swallow
· Stomach is uncomfortable
· Stomach hollow feeling
· Going to the bathroom again
· I felt pressure to be
· Shortness of breath can be difficult
· It is dharaphara
· The period of problem
· Kapumni of the hand and foot - especially the finger waver

· Headache , stomach pain , hand and foot irritation is
· Inasamaniya ( it is less ) , I go to sleep, wake up in the wind
· Anxiety is
· Nails with teeth bites
· I move my legs
· Decreased ksidhe
· Depression
· Obsession - constantly and repeatedly come up with something special ( night after night to meet up a few times to make sure that the door )
· Utkanthaya be attacked because - the objects , animals , crowded , and avoid social
· Be sweating , nausea is
· I come from a cold
· Available in mrtyubhaya
All signs that can be found together in the same person , but , rather anxiously different types, some of the signs of the time can be seen .

5 . Mental illness, anxiety , or Anxiety in healing and adjustable . The only symptoms of the disease in the medicine can be reduced , but not quite to the healing process can be followed , such as -
· Saikotherapi or manocikitsa - manocikitsakera help .
· The process of parabartana behavior (Behaviour therapy).
· Sithilayana process (Relaxation technique).
· Meditation .
· Atmasammohana .
· Yoga - at least twenty minutes every day .
· The need to sleep.
· Eating and changes in daily habits - sahajapacya khabara and drink plenty of water .
· Kyapheina rich drink to eliminate and reduce the excessive consumption of alcohol .
· Supervision of a specialist doctor for anti - drug enjaiti .
· Due to the doctor 's advice - give up the habit of eating akarane sleeping pills .
Remember for a concerned patient - the symptoms , the patient's age and the processes bhede cikitsapaddhati is provided in the selection .
6 . Can cause severe mental disorder like depression from enjaiti , enjaiti also greatly reduces the quality of life we spent , so there is reason enough to be concerned with anxiety . It is not too late to comply with the regulations for the reduction of anxiety , meditation or yoga practice can help you choose the doctor .
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