Monday, March 4, 2013

Ghetu Putro Kamola gets award in Nepal

Ghetu Putro Kamola gets award in Nepal
Iconic author-playwright-film director Humayun Ahmed's last film Ghetu Putro Kamola got the best film award at the third Nepal Human Rights International Film Festival in Katmandu in Nepal.
Ghetu Putro Kamola features Ghetu songs, a musical trend which was prevalent in the haor areas of the north-east part of the country some 150 years ago. Ghetu songs were known for their traditional tunes, but what really set them apart were the ghetu performers.
Adolescent boy actors of the performing art form, popularly known as 'Ghetu Putra,' dressed as girls, used to entertain higher class men through singing and dancing. The film was shot in the Haor areas of Habibganj district.
Mamun plays the titular role of the film which has an attractive cast of Tarik Anam Khan, Jayanta Chattopadhyay, Munmun Ahmed, Tamalika Karmakar, Pran Roy, baul singer Kuddus Boyati and many others.
Besides, Shahnewaz Kakoli's Uttorer Sur also received award at the special jury category. Pakistani film Saving face, which is directed by Daniel Jung, also received best documentary award at the festival.
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