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Film Review of Dabangg 2 With Latest Picture an wallpaper

Everyone simply adore Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2. Since in this movie she is also a house wife of Chulbul Pandey, hence she have to perform the role of a Indian woman who loves her husband a lot.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2 

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Traditional Indian Girl

There is no doubt that today Sonakshi Sinha is the most eligible for Indian girl image. She proved this image in her 3 super duper hit movies or you may say that 100 crore movies bracket.

Here are few images which describe Sonakshi Sinha beauty more - If you like it than share with your friends too -

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2

Sonakshi Sinha photos in Son of Sardaar was just like Punjaabi Kudi and she also looks fat. We hope that in Sonakshi Sinha movies of 2013 we will not see her in saree or other traditional dress, though she looks fabulous in that kind of outfit. Sometimes I wonder what goes on in Caroline's brain. A couple of weeks ago, she said that she wanted to watch Dabangg 2 even after the disappointment we felt after watching Ek Tha Tiger. She had watched Dabangg on TV and thought that it was worthwhile. A couple of days ago, she said that she wanted to watch it on Thursday, and we agreed that the 3:00 screening was best. However, that morning, she did not seem to be in the mood for it, so I did not buy the tickets.

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2
Later on that day, she said that she wanted to watch it after I came back (from my visit--necessary to keep my current Indian visa--to the Philippines). The next day, she announced that she wanted to watch it. As we were already out, and as it was about one hour before the show, I went to get the tickets. I did not hold out much hope because it was only one hour before the show and I assumed that it would have been house-full/sold out. However, I was able to get tickets and get decent seats. I suppose that it helped that virtually every cinema hall in Kolkata was showing the film.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2
Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my brain. I seem to be fixated on people, such as the actors Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Rajnikanth, Ranbir Kapoor or the directors Karan Johar or Mani Ratnam. If it does not feature them then there must be powerful other reasons for me to watch those films. However, I realize the need to broaden my horizons and to try to get out of my comfort zone. Thus, I watch the films that Caroline decides that she wants to watch. However, I still did hold out much hope for Dabangg 2.

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2
My father-in-law used to deride the song-and-dance routines of movies. When he watched a movie on TV, he would often take a short nap while the SAD was on. I, on the other hand, appreciate SAD routines. If the SAD routine is good then it enhances the film and is one more element in the enjoyment of the film. If the film is good then it is often because the SAD routines added to the story-line and did what the story-line alone could not do. This symbiotic relationship is exemplified very well in the film Mohabbatein.
I do acknowledge that this is not always the case. In one otherwise forgettable film, there were no SAD routines until toward the end of the film when the heroes of the film had to interrogate a person who had information on a crime (if I remember correctly) and who was at a bar. The bar scene was the reason to have the sole SAD routine, and the SAD routine was the sole reason why they needed to interrogate someone who was at a bar.
Dabangg 2 is an example of the latter. The SAD routines are mediocre at best, and instead of enhancing the story they are used to replace the story. There seem to be an inordinate number of SAD routines in the relatively short film (about two hours).
I do want to note though, that in the first song Salman Khan's belt seems to be dancing. I have never seen anything like that before, and I am not certain how it was done. It is not worth the price of admission, though.

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2 
The idea behind the fight scenes was perhaps developed from the idea behind the opening credits. The opening credits reminded me of the opening credits of the Marvel Comics films. In other words, Chulbul P. Pandey (as played by Salman Khan) was portrayed as an invincible superhero. When he first appears, some kidnappers had kidnapped a young boy and was holding him for ransom. When Chulbul confronts them, they start quaking in their boots. What could have been a very good scene turned out to be unnecessarily comical.
Caroline was upset that Salman Khan never received a thrashing (until a few instances in one of the last scenes of the film). In Dabangg, he apparently was more vulnerable; in Dabangg 2, he was not. I agree with Caroline. One of the facts of life, and of good films, is challenges. If there are no challenges, then it is very monotonous and boring.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2

As I have mentioned in at least one other review, Indian films are often longer because there are two stories in one. In Dabangg 2, the first half was the build-up of the villain (played by Prakash Raj) and the second half was the build-up of the villain (played by Prakash Raj). In other words, nothing happened. Even Wikipedia agrees with me. Wikipedia provides detailed and elaborate plot summaries, but for Dabangg 2 there are just a few brief paragraphs.

The film stars Salman Khan who is perhaps the least--or perhaps the greatest--of the Three Khans. Shahrukh Khan is called "King Khan", is often in entertaining romantic films, and is enormously popular, especially in the United States where Jab Tak Hai Jaan premiered as the 10th-highest grossing film. Aamir Khan is called "Emperor Khan" (perhaps by Aamir himself--?), is often in socially meaningful roles and movies, one of which was Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India which was one of the five films nominated for an Oscar in the Best Foreign Language Film category in 2002. Salman does not yet have that type of clout. What he does have is a large--and getting larger--following called "Salmaniacs" who help Salman break all types of revenue records. (Salman has the highest number of films earning 100 crore rupees.) For Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2, however, his fans do it not for objectively rational reasons.

Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2 
His father was played by Vinod Khanna, whom neither Caroline nor I recognized at first because he appeared so frail and elderly. Even though he is four years younger than Amitabh Bachchan he appeared to be older. Moreover, unlike the photo of them below, Vinod was gaunt so he appeared to be even older. In any case, it is a far cry from the time when he was known as "Mr. Handsome".
Dabangg 2 

Salman's wife was played by Sonakshi Sinha who is the daughter of former actor Shatrughan Sinha and who was merely the arm-candy of Salman, having few, if any, lines of dialogue. His mother was portrayed by a framed photograph (when we first see it; in a later scene it is garlanded). Perhaps my viewpoint is coloured by the recent, horrific and barbaric gang-rape in Delhi, but I think that this is symbolic of the disrespect given to women in India. Women are never seen outside of the home, and actresses are tossed out before they reach 40.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2 
The villain was played by Prakash Raj who is a well-known and well-respected actor in the South. Caroline wonders how he could have accepted such a role in Dabangg 2. I tend to agree.
Although I liked little else about the film, I do offer kudos to the set designer (Shashank Tere--?). It was obvious that a lot of thought and effort went into creating them.

In a couple of my reviews, I bemoaned the lack of reality in various scenes. In the opening scene, a rich boy is kidnapped and Chulbul Pandey and other cops come to rescue him. In reality, family members usually have to pay the ransom from their own pockets because Indian cops are incapable of doing anything productive. Kidnapping, like rape and gang-rape, is legal in India.
On the other hand, the cops in the film were often overweight, older buffoons, so there was some adherence to reality.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2

There are two other aspects of the scenes that should be mentioned: Salman often engaged in a victory jig, and handled his goggles/sunglasses in a manner resembling that of Rajnikanth (or so both Caroline and I thought). I did not watch the original film, but I do suspect that these appeared in that film.

While watching films, I often ask Caroline to whisper a translation to me so that I can understand the nuances of the film. For Dabangg 2, however, I rarely asked as there seemed nothing of import being said.

I will not mind a Hindi film surpassing 3 Idiots in gross revenue as long as it is a good film, not something like Ek Tha Tiger and Dabangg 2.
Sonakshi Sinha Photos in Dabangg 2

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