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Bangladeshi New Film Udgao latest picture and news

Bangladeshi new cinema UDHAO is an upcoming Bangla movie will be released in Bangladesh early as possible. The cinema UDHAO previous name is RUNAWAY but director and film related management decided they changed the movie name before cinema released in Bangladesh, for this reason cinema name is changed.
Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao
In 2012 UDHAO is released in worldwide as RUNAWAY but internationally award winning drama-thriller Bangla movie comes to Bangladesh cinema theaters. After 20 film festivals participation, 7 awards, 3 nominations we bring it HOME! Means Bangladesh
Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao
UDHAO A drama-thriller Bangla cinema about the men who hide in the shadows of Dhaka city and a rickshaw pedaling bounty hunter named Babu hell-bent on finding these runaways and forcing them to face the family they abandoned. His life's mission comes to an ultimate crossroad when he meets his biggest prey: a corrupt politician named Akbar. Convinced an evil spirit possess him, Babu captures Akbar and forces him to retrace the winding path that led him to the city. Little does Babu know the dark secrets that haunt Akbar are about to be unleashed
Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao
Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao

Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao

Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao

Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao

Bangladeshi new cinema UDHAO latest information

Shooting started: 2010
Movie Name: UDHAO
Previous Name: RUNAWAY
Directed By: Amit Ashraf
Written By: Amit Ashraf
Produced By: Sumon Arefin
Type: Drama Thriller
Studio: Kazi House Productions
Starring: Monir Ahmed, Shahed Ali, Nawshaba Ahmed, Animesh Aich, Shahin Akter, Reetu Satter, Ethila Islam, Saiful Islam
Released: Already internationally released & early as possible released in Bangladeshi
Bangladeshi bangla movie Udhao
Awards received by RUNAWAY (UDHAO)          
  • Best Feature from Portugal Underground Film Festival
  • Best Cinematography from Action on Film International Film Festival
  • Best Feature Narrative from Logan Film Festival
  • Best in Fest from Buttered Corn Film Festival
  • Rising Star Award from Canada Intl Film Festival
  • Honorable Mention- LA new wave Film Festival
  • Nominated for Best Foreign Film, Best Supporting Actor-Shahed Ali
  • Best Art Direction- Action on Film Festival
  • Goteborg International Film Festival Post-Production Grant
  • PIFVA Post-Production Grant
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