Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Punjabis and Sherwanis

Weddings bells are ringing all around and even if you are not the one tying your knot this season you are not relieved from attending series of those ceremonies. As a 'guy' I am sure there must be a lot of thoughts as to how you should dress up for these occasions. Here is a little effort to ease your harms. Although, commonly all over the world suits make the best formal attire for weddings, but certainly we have our traditional and cultural styles and values to boost about; and this brings us more options when preparing for special occasions such a as weddings.

Better off, indeed we have our own range of traditional attires for weddings that comes down from the Mughal times. We can these especially designer long coats made out of gorgeous 

fabrics and teamed with ornamentations 'sherwani'.  Another simpler cut of these knee length garments wore by men and very popular in this part of the subcontinent is 'panjabi' which is made from lighter material but with adequate amounts of ornamentations. One can easily switch between these two as per their comfort and still look apt for the occasion.

Most of the shops specialized in men's wear have concentrated on this wedding season and stacked their shelves to please everyone's taste from gaudy Panjabi’s to simple one, as well as sherwani’s which has become a latest favourite among the youth. All fashion and style has its target age group and appeal to different segments. 

Panjabi’s have never had to leave their place to make way for any other intrusion of fashion wear. Bengali men have always indulged in the comfort and grace of this elegant piece of outfit. Mostly made of silks, cotton, andy, katan, etc. with slight embellishments such as embroideries on the collar, chest and sometimes calf, the panjabi’s have never failed to charm our special occasions.  These loosely fitted formal wears gather most of its charm from the easy going look that it gives. The market is flooded with hundreds of stores selling panjabi’s, but when it comes to making an impression in the wedding season the math is different. There are some names that have made a mark in the scene for men's ethnic wear especially Punjabi’s. One very new name that has quickly won the attention in this arena is Manyavar.

Manyavar is all about fancy and occasional dressing for men, with panjabi’s suited for gorgeous occasions, formal and semi formal ones and simpler ones alike. The panjabi’s at Manyavar are one of a kind with at least one to fit everyone's taste and pocket. They have a collection of simple Panjabi that is perfect for complementing a perfect family occasion made from cotton and teamed with machine and hand work can be found priced between Tk 2,500 to Tk 10,000. On the other hand there are more ornate ones made from silk, etc. which are designed with fashionable cuts, unique prints, embroideries and accessories to be the perfect pick for a festive occasion. The price ranges from Tk 5,000 to Tk 15,000.

O2 is a common fashion name between men and women alike; they have a carefully designed range of men's wear among which the panjabi’s stand out as a clear symbol of their precision for quality and aesthetic sense. The panjabi’s are designed in a variety of materials from cotton to gorgeous katan and silk with extra embellishment of thread, zari, stones, etc. From light embroidery to heavy works one can find it all in the clearly hung lines of occasional wear available at O2. The light cotton panjabi’s designed in bright colours with light to medium embroidery is a perfect wear for holuds and such simple occasions with prices starting from Tk 1,500 to Tk 5,000. There are also variations in silk. However, the more gorgeous style is done over silk, katan and brocades with stone works, etc. These come in a slightly pricier range from Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000.
Artisti is a big player in the scene for men's fashion and they have a distinguished men's attire range that boasts exclusive panjabi’s in different styles. They are made to suit all age groups through uniqueness in designs, colours and cuts. They have a huge collection of panjabi’s in a myriad of shades such as pinks, greens and electric blues for the younger crowd and beige, brown, black and white for the relatively older crowd. There are lots of variations in the designs like plain thread embroidery on the collar and calf. These will cost from Tk 2,500 to Tk 5,000. The more extensively designed panjabi’s with zaris and stones cost Tk 5,000 to Tk 8,000. 

Sherwani’s can simply be described as a form of coat that is made keeping in mind the south Asian style and traditions; this means that they are not only made out of plain black or solid colours only but includes ornate brocades, katan and posh silk in their range. The exclusivity of these outfits comes from the king like long cuts, the grad fabrics used and the ornamentation done on it with stones, kundans, pearls, zaris, threads and so much more. The formal look that sherwani’s give teamed with the feeling of grandeur is a must have feeling for the weddings season.

Currently there are two types of sherwani’s in vogue, the short ones and the traditional long sherwani’s. The short sherwani’s are especially popular among the youths who take it as a fusion of the English formal coat and the very Eastern sherwani/panjabi. 

O2 has laid out its selves with a huge collection of sherwani’s in different styles and cuts. Most of the sherwani’s are short, keeping in mind the latest trend. There are the ones which are perfect for the 'wedding day' along with simples one. All of the sherwani’s have one common thing: uniqueness. Each sherwani has been carefully done to set it apart from all the others. Interesting materials have been used with dignity and simplicity. The tones to lure you will be white, off white, beige and of course black. However, there is also a selection of sherwani’s in brocades and katans. The prices of the simple yet elegant ones range from Tk 12,000 to Tk 2,000. But, for the gaudier pieces the prices may be slightly higher between Tk 20,000 to Tk 30,000.

Manyavar, is a paradise for sherwani’s, from the moment you enter the store till you have completed your round around the store you will be awed by their immense collection they have to offer. There are simple ones to heavily accentuated ones and the price too varies with the design and materials used. The price ranges from Tk 18,000 to as high as Tk 80,000. From very young to the elderly everyone can find one piece that will get them the perfect festive look in this wedding season.

Mantra has a wide collection of sherwani on offer and the variety includes from lush all-over kashmiri embroidered ones to ones made in simple solid coloured fabric heightened with small accessories. The price varies between Tk 15,000 to Tk 40,000. One of the highlights of the Mantra collection is the variety in the colours. One can find interesting colours such as purples, different shades of green to the all time popular tones like beige, black, etc.

Do not forget to team the sherwani’s and panjabi’s with a nicely matched kolhapuri chappal or a pair of nagras. One another important accessory to go with these outfits is the uttariya. One can easily find these at the above mentioned stores or you can pay a visit to the shoes stores for the perfect footwear. This wedding season embrace our traditional wears and steal envious looks from all those around you.
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