Friday, April 29, 2011

Boishakh new fashion for mens and womens wear. Day Before Pohela Boishakh at Kodomtola Utsav

The people of Barisal are getting ready to welcome the arrival of Bengali New Year on Wednesday, popularly known as 'Pahela Boishakh' with great enthusiasm. They have also chalked out programmes to bid farewell to 1416 a day earlier. Barisal Charukala will bring out procession from B M School ground on the first day Bengali New Year of 1417.

Barisal district administration for the first time to observe Pahela Boishakh announced three-day programmes. The programmes include folk cultural festival by district Shilpakala Academy, children and juvenile painting, cultural Align Centrecompetition by Shishu Academy, discussion meeting and cultural programmes by the district administration.

Cultural organisation Udichi will hold three-day long Boishakhi Utsov with Boishakhi Mela and cultural functions at B M School ground sponsored by mobile telecom giant Bangla Link. Shabdaboli Group Theatre will stage drama at Barisal Central Shahid Minar, Chander Hut at Barisal T B Clinic Field, Planet World at Children Park premises and local businessmen at Hatkhola from April 12.

Under the programs for bidding farewell and welcoming Bangla new-year, the shopkeepers will close the old accounts of the debtors and will open new accounts after receipt of dues in full or partially.

Besides, Sur Lahori Songeet Biddayaloy, Parantik Songeet Biddayalaya and Anirban Shilpi Gosthi, at Aswani Kumar Hall premises, have arranged cultural program on Pahela Boshakh early morning to welcome new Bangla year. Jugantor Swajon Somabesh have organized mobile cultural teams at 12 points of three districts of Barisal division. There will be an open concert at Kuakata Sea each to observe Bangla new-year.

Gano Shilpi Sangstha will perform cultural shows of folk songs and dramas in front of Barisal Aswani Kumar Hall on Pahela Boishakh afternoon.

Kheyali Group Theatre has arranged 'Sangskritik Adda' with cultural show at their office premises to bid farewell and welcome Bangla year in the early hours of April 13 and April 14. Saikat Sriti juvenile painting competition and Amrito Sriti children painting competition will also be held in the city on April 14 in observance of Pahela Boishakh.

Local administration and law enforcing agencies have arranged special arrangement for safety and security of the people, of functions and fair grounds by ensuring power supply at night, deploying mobile patrol teams with uniform and plain cloth, holding check posts at sensitive and key points and continuous vigilance against pick-pocket and eve teasers.
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