Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bangladeshi Best In BD News Presenter Farhana Nisho Out In Coming Dhallywood Movies, NTV Beautiful Blond News Presenter Farhana Nisho Pics

Farhana Nisho is an Bangladeshi News Presenter who are first presenter where she Dhallywood movie actress. Farhana Nisho is an lovely young anchor also. She firstly career is Model. She come in Bangladeshi-BD advertisements Fair and Lovely. She news presenter in popular television NTV. Farhana Nisho born in her village Chandpur district in Dhaka.
Farhana Akhtar Nisho Bangladeshi Most Popular News Presenter - Latest New Pics
Farhana Nisho is one of the popular Bangladeshi model come presenter.Nisho is very famous and sexy actress in bangla Media in Bangladesh. Farhana Nisho is a news presenter of Channel 1.But channel one is now closed.She has hot figure and young generations are very crazy for her. She is acting with Bangladeshi TV Natok,Advertisement,some magazine and bangla Drama.Most of the viewer likes her performance.Here you'll get some amature hot sexy latest exclusive new photo about Farhana Akhtar Nisho.

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