Monday, March 4, 2013

Rosy Siddiqui @DS Café

Veteran actress Rosy Siddiqui's career in TV has spanned over two decades, while she also has a 23-year strong experience in theatre. Her talents have also been proven on the silver screen. The star recently came to DS Café and
chatted with her admirers over telephone.
Rony, Dhaka: What dramas are you working on at the moment?
Rosy: I'm working on several serials. Desh TV is airing “Radio Chocolate”, ATN Bangla is showing “DB”, while several more are also ongoing on different channels.
Shimu, Savar: You've also worked in movies?
Rosy: I was in 4 or 5 movies. My debut was in “Padma Nadir Majhi”, while I also did an out and out commercial film, titled “Love Story”. I worked in the film “Common Gender”, and my last film was “Chorabali”.

Rani: Do you plan to become regular on films?
Rosy: I would have been more regular in films if I felt that the overall ambiance in the film industry suits me. A memorable film role immortalises an actor. If the film has a good plot, why won't I be interested?
Nupur, Rajshahi: Which of your talents remain secret to us?
Rosy: I love to write; I often write poems. I'm also a good cook.
Lonny, Dhaka: Which is tougher -- TV dramas or films?
Rosy: Both mediums require a great deal of work. So, I share the same amount of passion for both TV and cinema.
Rubel, Dhaka: Which was your first performance?
Rosy: “Shaat Ghater Kanakori” -- a stage play directed by Professor Momotazuddin.
Kamal, Gazipur: When did you marry Shahiduzzaman Selim?
Rosy: December, 1993.
Montu, Dhaka: How many kids do you have?
Rosy: I have two daughters.
Shafiq, Tangail: Who is your favourite actor?
Rosy: It's very hard to say. I have many favourites, so I can't single out anyone.
Towhid, Comilla: The Bangladeshi channels are not aired in India. What's your opinion on this issue?
Rosy: I cannot accept the fact that our channels are not telecast across the border in India. There must be a solution to this problem.
Shanto, Rangpur: Tell us something about your husband, the popular actor Shahiduzzaman Selim.
Rosy: To say in brief, Selim is a tested and established actor. He does his works with great concentration and leaves no room for error. Personally, Selim leads an honest life.
The Daily Star: Tell us something about your new stage play.
Rosy: The drama is titled “Ponchonari”. I play five different characters in the production. It has already proven popular among the theatre enthusiasts. I've received much praise for my performance. My true passion lies on the stage.
Khokon, Dhaka: How do you spend your leisure hours?
Rosy: I hardly get any free time. I'm always busy with my family. But when there is a long vacation, my family and I usually go abroad.
Nabil, Rajshahi: Do you plan to do something for your country?
Rosy: I always want to serve my country. I would certainly contribute if I get the chance.
Runu, Dhaka: What do you consider to be the worst aspect of Dhaka?
Rosy: The traffic gridlock. It's a painful experience, and we all wish for it to be fixed. We want a Dhaka free of traffic jams.
Nihar, Mymensingh: Which drama was your turning point?
Rosy: “Jonmobhumi”. After working in that serial, people started calling me Bijlee. Wherever I went, people would say, “Look, there goes Bijlee”.
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