Saturday, March 2, 2013

Momo Mustafa

Momo Mustafa has always been thirsty of doing something interesting and out of the box.  She was a student of BBA secMomo Mustafaond year at Eastern University when she realized she was more suited for something unorthodox. She dared to leave her studies mid way and join a photography course at Chanchal Mahmood Photography and then came to Pathshala. She thoroughly loved her photography related works and decided to continue in this line.
 Initially her father was not very happy with her leaving studies and embracing photography but gradually approved of the good work she was doing.  One pushy factor behind her getting into wedding photography was that this was one field of photography where you did not need a graduation certificate to work.
Mustafa believes that wedding photography is apt for girls in particular because in relation to the other fields of photography it has much less risk, tension and stake.  'The best part about doing wedding assignments is the happy ambience, the happy people and the colours all around,' she says. She likes capturing those sweet and precious moments that take place amidst all the chaos.  'Posing for the photos is very easy and simple, the tough part is
taking out those moments that bring and a smile of surprise on the couple's face afterwards,' she says. 
Momo MustafaOne of her most memorable working experiences was working for the wedding of Jamuna Groups owner’s daughter.  She describes it as no less than a celebrity show in terms of the grandeur and grandness. 
The most important part of dealing with such assignments is convincing the clients of what will bring the best outcome and managing cooperation amidst all the hustle and bustle around.
Momo Mustafa offers three ranges of packages at Tk 70,000, Tk 35,000 and Tk 20,000 per event.
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