Saturday, March 2, 2013

Arefin Shuvo New Movie Bhalobasha Jindabad

Debashish Biswas
Debashish Biswas

Talented film maker Debashish Biswas will make a new film titled Bhalobasha Jindabaad.
Arefin Shuvo and Aireen will act the main characters in the film. 
Debashish told New Age, ‘I made a film titled Shashurbari Jindabad a few years ago. The new film reverberates the title of that film, and, in that sense, it is a sequel to Shashurbari Jindabad.’
Debashish Biswas also said that Bhalobasha Jindabaad will also entertain the audience with its comic story as Shashurbari Jindabad did.  ‘The story deals with love of youngsters.
It will depict the consequences of someone’s falling in love. It will also portray what changes take place with and within him or her,’ informed Debashish about the story of the film.
However, depicting love story is not the only aim of the skilled director. ‘I have tried to show how love overcomes any hurdle put before it, how love ultimately wins, in my new film. The title Bhalobasha Jindabaad is for that reason’ he added.

About production of the film, Debashish said that shooting of the film will begin in the first week of May at different locations in Dhaka.
To introduce the hero and heroine and other cast of the film, a press conference was arranged in a restaurant at Gulshan on Friday.
The film will be a production of E R Cinema.
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