Saturday, February 16, 2013

T-shirts for boys by Le Reve

T-shirts for boys by Le Reve
Le Reve celebrates the month of colours
With the last cold breeze dying away, a festival of colours is now in the offing. The month of February will see numerous celebrations, all of which will be tinged in many different yet vibrant hues. Considering that, Le Reve brings about their new collection featuring their latest line of shalwar kameez sets, T-shirts, panjabis and tunics.
The three occasions to grace this month of February are Pohela Falgun, Valentine's Day and 21st February. Le Reve's latest designs reflect the various colours and flavours of each of these three days. Valentine's Day's line includes T-shirts, tunics and shalwar kameez sets.
The dominant colours in the theme are red, white and black, reflecting the colour of the heart, the purity of love and the solidity of the emotion. The Falgun collection features traditional garbs of kameezes, tunics and panjabis, all in varying hues of orange, yellow and lemon green. Finally, there is the Ekushey February line which includes panjabis and shalwar kameez sets in the mandatory colours of red, black and white. All the lines also include children's wear.
Apart from some of the trendiest designs being sported, various implementations have been made keeping a younger segment of buyers in mind. Fitted panjabis and long kameezes are all present.
Given that the winter chills haven't disappeared completely, the T-shirts are given a full sleeve, while cotton is the dominant fabric used. Traces of linen are used in the women's versions to add a little oomph to the finished products.

A 20 plus team of designers ensure that whatever hits the racks at the store are not only fashionable but distinct from what the other boutique houses have to offer. Individual identity is a key feature in all of Le Reve's clothing.
Fabrics from places such as India and Thailand are brought in to give the products the quality that customers demand so highly. Carefully placed orders are also given to domestic producers, given they meet the high standards that Le Reve has been maintaining since its inception back in 2009. “To ensure we remain price-competitive, we have also begun looking into the fabric market in China,” Monnujan, the Head Designer, informs.
This year's collection too offers reasonable prices. Tunics are priced from Tk.1000-5,000, shalwar kameez sets from Tk. 2200-25000 and panjabis go up to Tk.4,000. The collection can be found at all five outlets of Le Reve at Wari, Mirpur, Uttara, Banasri and the outlet in Sylhet. Furthermore, look out also for their upcoming Pohela Boishakh collection which will include shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, panjabis and much more for men, women and matching wear for children as well.
By Osama Rahman
Photo courtesy: Le Reve
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