Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sharee with Bangali women


Bangali girls are like Sharee moreSharee is still the same honor. Many of us still do not like the previous sharee wearing but they wear. In this modern era Bangali women wear sharee in modern concept. In Sharee a Bangali woman looks more Bangali. A Bangali woman in sharee looks more passionate.


In Bangladesh Indian subcontinent women are wearing sharee as their traditional cloths. The sharee is a long and non sewing cloth. Usually not a sharee from four meters (about 1 in 18 hands or feet) long cloth made. Fold of the sari is worn. Sari is usually are put on top of lehenga/ ghagara bharatesaya (known as the East and Bangladesh)Dress as the upper part of her (also known as India coli) is used. The sari is usually held in India and Bangladesh is considered as the most suitable clothing.

Bengali teen girl with sharee

A Very cute Shari Girl

Sweet young girl in sharee

Red Sari

Hot Shari Girl
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