Thursday, February 14, 2013

In conversation with Hillol and Nawshin

Photo: atl Aakash
Hillol and Nawshin -- both popular contemporary TV actors -- met while working on a drama, a rendezvous that blossomed into love and will soon be cemented by the exchange of marital vows. Both stars recently shared stories of their love with The Daily Star.
When did you two first meet?
Hillol: We were shooting the drama “Probhati Shobuj Shongho” in Narsingdi. At the beginning, we just said hello to each other.
Nawshin: I asked him, “How are you bhaiya?”.
When did it turn into love?
Nawshin: Much later. We cultivated a good understanding during the shooting for the film “Hello Amit”.
Hillol: We got to know each other better while working on the film. We used to have regular adda at the end of the shooting.
Nawshin: Through “Hello Amit”, I got to know Hillol on a personal level. He was going through a crisis at the time, similar to one that I had faced two years ago. So I understood what he was facing.
Hillol: Working together on a film set for a long time naturally creates a good understanding. Our chemistry grew stronger while shooting for the serial “Khonikaloy”.

In your opinion, what is love?
Hillol: To me, love is a miracle. If I have to simplify, I would say its about caring.
Nawshin: Loving someone means taking special care for the significant other. Love means trust and respect between each other.
Both of you are busy with shooting. How do you communicate throughout the day?
Hillol: Through our cell phones. We don't talk a lot, but ask each other how the day is going, what we had for lunch etc. If we are both shooting in Uttara, then the first one to wrap the day's work goes over to the other.
This is for Hillol: which aspect of Nawshin do you like the best?
Hillol: Nawshin is very caring. She is also a great actress.
Same question to Nawshin…
Nawshin: Hillol is also very affectionate. His best quality is that he always shows his concern for my family. I also like his honesty.
Any plan for Valentine's Day?
Hillol: Definitely. We will exchange greetings with our close ones.
Nawshin: Last year, we probably had shooting on this day. Since we don't have any shooting this time, we'll spend the day together.
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