Saturday, February 9, 2013

DJ Jenyfa with sporty looks car

Dj Jenyfa driving her car

Hot DJ Jenyfa with a sporty looks car. She love to driving. Love outing. Sometime she drive her car. See her looks in this picture with her car. Is it BMW, Toyota or Nissan? Have her driving license? Have her car's papers and insurance up to date? May we need to find it out.

About DJ Jenyfa
She is trendy and modern. Also friendly too. She love to be smart girl. She use sun glass very time. It looks  beautiful. She is a student now. She taking her LLB (HONS) degree from a private university of Dhaka. She love to play hard music with modern music instrument. She do party At Fu-Wang Club (Banquet Hall). She love to play with her pet dog. She loves her dog so much. See her picture.

With her fashionable sun glass

She love playing music when she is on her driving seat

Dj Jenyfa

Jenyfa with her car in-front of
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