Friday, February 1, 2013

Dhaka girls are smart

Dhaka girls are smart among Bangladeshi Girls. It can say that they are more conservative
than and other city in the world. Dhaka girls are cute and sexy. If u come to Dhaka u can't
see any Bangladeshi girl without urna. Most usual they wear sallower-chamiz and married women
usually wear shares and patichot. By wiring shares Dhaka girls look sexy and attractive.
But now this time some Dhaka girl wear fotua and jeans. By wearing fotua and jeans they also
look sexy and attractive. Here is a Dhaka girl picture as a model.
Its true only dresses are not the parameter of smartness. Education level of Bangladeshi girls are increasing day by day. Hundreds of private universities and colleges now in Dhaka as well as all over the Bangladesh. Extra curricular skills like computer study, office management, interior designing, block and batik working of Dhaka girls are now well developed.
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