Monday, February 11, 2013

BD Popular Rj Nisha Biodata of Sawdesh radio BD

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Full Name: Mahmuda Akter Nisha

Nick Name: Nisha

Father's Name : Md. Mosharouf Hossain

Mother's Name : Morsheda Akter Moon

My Show: Adda Rockzz, Sunday to Thursday & weekend special Nisha Live, Saturday

Sex: Female

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Personality Type: Funny,sometimes unpredictable

Rj-ing style: Fast, Creative & Powerful, Everyday I am trying to do better

Fashion: What I do, Trendy & Stylish, update with time

Passion: Music, Dance , Story Book, Acting

Books : It has a long list,specially Tin Goyenda , Masud Rana, Julvarn, Da Vinchi Code & Books of Samaresh Majumdar,Shirshendu Mukharjee, Shunil Ganguli , Md.Jafar Iqbal, Humayun Ahmed

Fav Food : Chotpoti,Fuchka,Ice Cream,Fast Food, Thai & Chinese !

Fav Actor : SRK,Ranbir Kapoor,Daniel Radcliff, Robert Pattinson , Vivian Dsena & so many

Fav Songs: Which touch my heart, Rock, Metal. Soft, Romantic 

Fav Movies: Huge no. of, specially American Pie, Home Alone, Titanic, 10000 BC...

I love: myself, friends & Family, Smiley face of peopole

I hate: Scandal, Back Biting, Lier, Religious Fanatics, Fake & narrow minded people

I worked at Radio Aamar,as a guest rj for four times
Show-Music Xpress Radio Aamar is a 24-hour private FM radio station in Bangladesh. Radio station theme: True Voice of Bangladesh Frequency: FM 88.4 It broadcasts on 88.4 FM in Dhaka. It started its official transmission in February 2007. Radio Aamar's programmes include news, Bangla, English, Hindi songs, weather and traffic updates and market prices. Since 12 March 2008, Radio Aamar (101.6 FM, NOW 88.4 FM) broadcasts the first 30 minutes of VOA’s daily one-hour Bangla-language programme six days a week from 10:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in Dhaka (1600 to 1630 UTC). Every Wednesday, Radio Aamer broadcasts the entire 60 minutes, including the popular call-in show Hello Washington

I also worked at Radio Apon - Online Radio Jockey
The Biggest Bangla Online Radio Station

Recently I have worked in a movie named  "Jol O Oronyer Golpo" by "Areful Islam Ononto" as a voice artist

Now I'm working at Radio Swadesh
Radio Jockey & Programme Producer · Dhaka, Bangladesh
Konthe Bissho,Hridoye Swadesh

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Hot RJ Angel Nisha and her friends

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Hot RJ Angel Nisha working as a RJ

Hot RJ Angel Nisha taking interview of actress popy

Hot RJ Angel Nisha

Hot RJ Angel Nisha as a model

Hot RJ Angel Nisha looks like
a beautiful Bangali girl
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