Sunday, February 6, 2011

Moner Manush (মনের মানুষ) Bangla Film Free Download

“Moner Manush” wins top award at Int’l Film Fest of India. Moner Manush movie may be recalled that Habibur Rahman Khan is also the co-producer of another Indo-Bangladesh joint production “Padma Nadir Majhi”, also directed by Gautam Ghosh in 1993, featuring leading actors from India and Bangldadesh including Rupa Ganguly, Asad, Champa, Robi Ghosh and Utpal Dutt. “Moner Manush”, the story about the mystic bard Lalon Fakir, was chosen for the top award for its “stunning cinematic beauty and a compassionate portrayal of love in a world of hate,” said a five-member jury which had judged 18 films from 15 countries in the international competition of the Festival. The jury was headed by Polish director Jerzy Anteczak

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